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"There have been a number of times, over my nearly 50 years on this planet, when I’ve been pretty mad at someone. Yet, never have I had an inclination to exact revenge by depantsing one of them. The thought would have never even occurred to me."

I always thought of pantsing someone as more of an intended humorous prank that is one of the foibles of youth, as one would say. Until Jeremy Faison did what he did, I've never heard of any adult pantsing someone else out of rage or revenge.

I had to laugh when reading that your intended pantsing of your former classmate worked a little too well. It brings back quite a few memories about my middle and high school years. I've learned from the pantsing experiences of a few of my classmates, the wisdom in wearing pants with a belt and not wearing one with an elastic waistband. And that is what I did all throughout middle and high school. So that helped foil any attempt by my peers to pants me. Or so I thought. It was during HS gym class where everyone wore gym shorts with elastic bands. And it finally happened. Fortunately, those "two fists full of pants" didn't include anything more than the shorts. ;)

That being said, I was quite fortunate. I still remember when in the guy's locker room in HS, where one of my classmates was ganged up and overpowered, and they tossed him outside of the locker room door completely naked, in front of everyone else to see, girls and all.

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My pet peeve from the time that I was a manager at two Fifth Avenue (NYC) department stores was when my salespeople would say to a customer" I don't know" without adding "I'll find out". All of my people knew that it would drive me crazy. They were warned about it on their first day. I never heard it( from my people) more than once.

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