To me, Jaws is horror based on reality. Let me explain. When I first saw the movie ( at a drive in) I thought it was the scariest movie that I had ever seen. The local newspapers started publishing stories about the "Real life Jaws". It was based on a 1916 shark attack. Two of the attacks took place took place in the Atlantic Ocean ( one about 10 miles from where I currently reside) three fatalities took place in Matawan Creek. As a boy living in Old Bridge I had swam in Matawan Creek dozens of time. It's a tidewater creek. That really scared the bejesus out of me. Today one of the portals under the old railroad bridge has been spray painted to look like a shark's mouth. I think of the movie every time I ride the train over that creek. To me the horror effect is diminished if the setting is unrealistic ( except for the Alien movies). I now live about a quarter of a mile from a tidewater creek and sometimes wonder if sharks are in there. That's the result of a REAL HORROR film.

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