I enjoyed this article, for the most part. But in my defense, you failed to mention that I replaced the original navigator, who, according to the evidence you and Dan reveal, is the one at fault. I came on board when the fate of the aircraft was already determined. I did my best, but one can only do so much.

On a side note, I wrote a comedy sequel to Castaway called “The Other Castaway.” In it, my character also survives the crash but is washed up on the other side of the island where most of the Christmas goodies on board also washed up: champagne, caviar, wine, Hickory Farms meats, hams, etc. And a large collection of Chia Pets that provided him an endless supply of vegetables. No volleyball or ice skates for him. Whenever Tom’s character searched the other side of the island, my greedy character and hid everything from him. Also, he made it off the island much sooner by tying together several Realdoll Sex dolls that, among the obvious benefits for a lonely castaway on a desert island, had amazing floatation properties. So, a happy ending. Pun intended. Many years ago, I shared this story with William Broyles Jr, the writer of Castaway, at the Austin Screenwriting Conference. He laughed. I then asked him not to steal it. So far, so good. But my sequel and again in my character’s defense, he too replaced the original navigator and therefore was also innocent of any negligence. I rest my case.

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Lol. Thanks for being a good sport. Interesting point about the original navigator (though I'm still not sure I'm buying it. 😉 )

I'm thinking "The Other Castaway" at least deserves a run on YouTube. It worked for Cobra Kai!

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Good movie. Given 9/11 and recently, FLT MH370, we must add pilot insanity as a possible cause. (Like Wilson, Helen Hunt’s portrayal of abandonment is memorable, here.)

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