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"Daly Institute For the Love of God Stop"???? LMAO. awesome. do you need volunteers?

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I agree about seeing stipped down rock done on acoustic instruments. I had two bands at one point. One played electric, one acoustic. I actually made more money with the acoustic one.

When Springsteen returned to NJ from California, he performed some acoustic shows for Friends and Family at pizza joints, movie theaters etc. I was invited to one of the shows in Asbury Park. It was a revelation. He played "Born in the USA" as a Muddy Waters like delta blues. It was a dirge not a celebration of Reagan's policies. Get Smart was my favorite show when it came out. That and F Troop. My teachers used to say that I was a "smartass". It didn't have the social acceptance that it has now. Get Smart and Mel Brooks let me know that I was not alone. Speaking of which, sad about PJ O'Rourke, to my mind the funniest conservative around.

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