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I'm in my late 60s and my really good friends are the same men that were my friends 50 years ago. Our friendships formed around two things; these were my high school soccer teammates and/or local musicians. Over the years many of the things that you mentioned put distance between us but two other things did too. We ended up and down the east coast from Massachusetts to Georgia ( we grew up in New Jersey) because of employment opportunities but even when geographically near we became "time poor" due to long working hours and commutes. We can still get together around musical events ( one of us was a semi rock star) and sporting events but these days we're just as likely to meet at a funeral. That wasn't meant to be sad but I guess it's the natural order of things.

I never saw the Guess Who live but once saw Burton Cummings open for, I think, Dolly Parton. He was better than I thought. He was very funny. In a couple of weeks, I will be attending a local oyster festival in Connecticut where once favorite rockers now play. This year it's Southside Johnny. In the past it was Eddie Money and the Marshall Tucker Band. Once it was the most appropriate band to play an oyster festival, Blue Oyster Cult. Ha ha. Enjoy your summer.

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