The movie that they really missed was Turner and Hootch starring Tom Hanks. I can't believe that test audiences were ok with the dog dying at the end. In fact, I once saw David Letterman ask Hanks what he had learned about making a hit movie and Hanks said "Don't kill the damned dog at the end of the movie".

I have never heard of I Mother Earth but there was a very good unheralded band in the 60s and 70s called Mother Earth. They were from Wisconsin and moved to San Francisco with Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs. They had a woman singer named Tracy Nelson who was considered " close to Joplin". They started as blues psychedelic and moved to a more country sound as time went on.

Nelson had a Country hit with a remake of Lynn and Twitty's " After the Fire is Gone" which she sang with Willie Nelson. They hung around for a decade on a half dozen labels. Nelson still performed as a solo act last I heard. Linda Ronstadt recorded her song " Down so Low". Thanks for indirectly reminding me of them.

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