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Loved this article John. And we showed my 14 year old Die Hard over Christmas, of course, and he absolutely loved it. In fact, he says it's one of his favorite movies. I didn't know this about Willis' diagnosis. Just another sad and tragic thing going on these days. And Moonlighting was fantastic- I never missed an episode either. :)

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I think I saw Die Hard four times before it left theaters. lol.

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I'm a big fan of Bruce Willis, a Jersey guy. I like Pulp Fiction, Nobody's Fool and the first two Die Hards most of all.

I do have a good story about him. My wife graduated from Montclair St. University with honors. She was an English major and had a typical academic oriented attitude toward literary criticism etc. She was taking a Shakespeare course and noticed there was a gruff looking guy in a leather jacket who sat in the front of the class. He didn't have the academic preparation for the class and was really out of place. One day the professor asked him to read a part of, I think, Richard III. My wife was stunned. He was great. She spoke to him after class and found out that his name was Bruce Willis and that he was from South Jersey. He knew that he was in over his head in the class but needed to know this material to learn to do what he loved. He was willing to look foolish or stupid. I think this is a great lesson for us all.

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I had a surprise conversation with my mom re: Bruce Willis yesterday...

Her: Did you hear the sad news about Bruce Willis?

(me blinking while trying to process this was my mom sharing about a movie star)

Me: Yes - it's so sad isn't it?

Her: It really is, I like him so much!

(more blinking)

Me: Yeah, me too, even before "Die Hard" I loved him in "Moonlighting."

Her: I don't think I've ever seen either. But I just love him in "Red" !!!!! I can't not watch it whenever I see it's on TV.

(oooooooooh, now my lightbulb goes off)

Me: You're right he is really great in that!

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I just watched Die Hard for the umpteenth time this weekend. "Who knew?"

Regarding casting, given Schwarzenegger's performance in True Lies, I can see him in the role of John McClane. Stallone, no way. My 2 cents.

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What a great read and nostalgic trip down memory lane. You really know how to keep readers engaged! Well done. I hope you got to see a Jackelope :)

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Thanks and glad you liked it!

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