The difference it seems to me between the US and NZ is in the attention span of its residents. Americans really believed that it would go from 15 cases down to few then magically disappear. Kiwis must not believe in magic. I am somewhat familiar with cricket from contact with Indian and West Indian immigrants in the Brooklyn and New Jersey area but isn't rugby the national sport in New Zealand.

The group Boston to my mind had two good purposes. Guitarists learned arpeggios and punk rock came into existence to counter plodding songs based on technology. Tom Scholtz invented the Rockman. My sister loved them but she was 8 years younger than me and never grew up listening to music made by black people. So that explains that.

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This was interesting reading from my Australian perspective. Lots of shared experiences and similar outcomes.

Hoping to jump the ditch by the end of the year to visit the only currently approved country for leisure travel!

Boston's Piece Of Mind and Don't Look Back also get high rotation on WAFX which I tune into often! Classics!

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