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I love Master and Commander and while I think that Crowe is wonderful, he's done other parts where he wss just as good. The performance that I love is that of Paul Bettany. It's the best thing that he ever did ( other than marrying Jennifer Connelly).

I am not a fan of Scorpions or of that genre of music generally. I don't like opera or Broadway music either. Theatrically in music generally turns me off. People who do like music like that think that they love rock n roll but I find that they never listen to Elvis, Berry, Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis etc.

I have that Canned Heat album on vinyl. I bought it when it when it first came out. I think that they were OK. Blues oriented boogie. It's the only Canned Heat album I own. Savoy Brown had a similar niche and I think that they were better. Check out their A Step Further album. Cheers.

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