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I once was to a TV taping. It's a great story. The Jerry Lewis telethon tapes guest appearances. They used Channel 5 studios in New York. The young woman that I was dating at that time had a father who was a cameraman there. When he showed up that morning he was told that he would be recording a lip synced performance of Roger Daltrey. He had no idea of who is was but knew that his daughter loved him. We got a call and attended the show. Roger was very nice. The next year Frank Sinatra was taped by my girlfriend's father but it was a CLOSED set.

I also got to see a taped radio show. My best friend and I had tickets to see Phil Ochs at Hunter College. The show was cancelled, so we went to a big record store in Midtown. I was in the blues section buying the Robert Johnson album when a guy asked me if I liked blues. Turns out WABC-FM was broadcasting a B B King show and they needed an audience. It's amazing how random occurrences can be memorable.

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