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I've seen Horton Heat for a while. I'm of two minds about him. I'm happy to see rockabilly but frankly, I wonder if he's the real thing. I started playing guitar in the late 1960s and when I bought my first electric ( a Telecaster, of course) I bought two instruction books. One of Chuck Berry and one of Buddy Holly. My bands always played some rockabilly such as Suzie Q, Honey Don't, Everybody's Trying to be my Baby etc. We played I Fought the Law a decade before the Clash. Rockabilly kind of vanished for a while. Sure there was Sweet Little Lisa by Dave Edmunds with Albert Lee on guitar in the late 70s. The first Blasters album was good too. Today it kinds of smells of affectation. As I say, I'm of two minds here so we shall see. Keep up the good work of talking about things like this. Happy New Year.

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