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comedians stopped being funny in the early 80s for me losing Belushi hurt too much.

ah, TWD memories. the first few years people were still clean enough to want to hook up, even with people THEY didn't really like. the human connection remained, i reckon? then when the lack of hygiene was realized, the disconnect began. they got it back with Alexaandria, thankfully. but Shane was not one i'd desire as an ex. now Daryl? yeah, even covered in walker guts.

love the dragon updates!

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If George Costanza and Elaine Benes had a kid, Joe would be theirs... making minutiae funny.

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I love Joe.

Regarding Short People, everyone I knew who love(d) the song knew it was satirical and that was it's charm. It's just a fun song, I used to sing it to my kids when they were smaller than me and now sing it to my DIL to tease her about her height.

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