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Interview: Douglas Wellman, Author of "A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz"

From producing television sitcoms to telling real-life stories of human strength and survival.

Some of you may know that I conduct interviews for my publisher with fellow authors, and today I wanted to share a one I recently did with Douglas Wellman, author of the new book, A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz.

In his book, Doug tells the real-life story of fourteen-year-old Basha Anush. She and her family were dragged from their Pruzhany, Poland home in 1943 by Nazi troops, and shipped off to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. It’s a story of unfathomable pain and despair, but also one of strength, survival, and the human spirit.

Doug's such an interesting guy. He’s a former Hollywood producer/director, who worked mostly in comedy, including on the classic NBC sitcom, The Facts of Life. He’s also a man of God, who earned a theology degree, taught the Bible to Utah prisoners, and served as a hospital chaplain. He has a passion for history and storytelling that comes through in all of his books.

I always enjoy talking to Doug, and I hope you all enjoy the interview.

You can order “A Teenage Girl in Auschwitz” through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and wherever else books are sold.

You can learn more about Doug and all of his books on his website.


Sean Coleman’s Old Stomping Grounds

The setting of my fourth novel, Safeguard, is a retired, underground, Cold War era missile silo in the prairie-land west of Greeley, Colorado. You may or may not have known that it’s a real place. A private tour I took of the facility years ago is what inspired the novel, and the picture used on the cover of the book was actually taken from inside it (minus the fellow with the gun).

Weld County has owned the silo for years, and they ended tours when the pandemic struck. The facility has yet to reopen to the public, and frankly, I’m not sure it ever will, since it’s primarily used these days for county archives and other storage.

But much to my delight, the previously closed off land that begins just yards north of it has been turned into a 978-acre natural area for hiking, mountain-biking, and wildlife observation. My wife and I checked it out last week, and the view and landscape reminded me of the trips I took out there when I was first working on the book.

Excerpt from Safeguard, by John A. Daly

I don’t think the natural area has been named yet, but if you live in Northern Colorado, and want to check it out, just plug “Missile Site Park” into your GPS. The parking lot for the natural area is just north of that.


Random Thought

I’d forgotten about this hilarious phase my daughter went through.

Obligatory Dog Shot

Sun compromise.

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